Asus VivoWatch 6: Everything We Know So Far

Asus VivoWatch 6: Everything We Know So Far
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As we approach the middle of 2024, rumors are circulating about upcoming smartwatch releases from major tech companies. One highly anticipated device is the Asus VivoWatch 6, successor to the popular Asus VivoWatch 5 released in 2022.

In this comprehensive blog post, we dive into the details around the VivoWatch 6 based on leaks, rumors, and Asus’ history. Read on to learn about the expected release date, specifications, features, pricing, and more.

A Look Back: Key Aspects of the Asus VivoWatch 5

Before speculating about the next model, let’s recap key aspects of the previous Asus VivoWatch 5 smartwatch:

  • Sleek, circular design with high-resolution AMOLED display
  • Robust fitness tracking with continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Broad app ecosystem and phone notifications via Bluetooth
  • 5+ day battery life mixed usage
  • High price point around $350 USD at launch

The VivoWatch 5 scored well across the board in reviews. Critics praised the comfortable fit, vibrant screen, and comprehensive health metrics. Downsides included the high price tag, limited onboard storage, and lack of built-in GPS or LTE.

Moving into 2024, we expect Asus to build on the VivoWatch foundation while expanding functionality even further with the next incarnation.

Asus VivoWatch 6: Everything We Know So Far
Image Credit – 01smartlife

Asus VivoWatch 6 Expected Specifications

While Asus has not confirmed specifications, expectations for the VivoWatch 6 capabilities include:

  • Larger display reminiscent of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch – possibly 1.4”+ screen measuring at least 30mm diagonally based on leaks
  • Wireless charging capabilities for easier overnight charging
  • Multi-day battery life – likely 4+ days in smartwatch mode given VivoWatch 5’s strong battery reputation
  • Circular stainless steel design with premium appearance
  • Built-in GPS for pace and distance tracking without a phone
  • Contactless payments via NFC allowing tap-to-pay convenience
  • Enhanced fitness tracking metrics like running power and cycling dynamics
  • Robust app ecosystem with popular services like Uber, Nest, Spotify etc.
  • Up to 8GB storage for music and more
  • High-end price tag given top tier positioning – potentially $399+ USD
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Let’s explore some of the most anticipated upgrades in more detail…

Bigger and Brighter Circular Display

The VivoWatch 6 is expected to follow Samsung’s lead with a significantly larger circular display spanning an inch or more diagonally. This provides more comfortable touch input and content visibility – a clear area for improvement from the VivoWatch 5.

Higher resolution brings sharper detail, while next generation AMOLED technology will enable better contrast and brightness ideal for outdoor visibility. Expect rich blacks and accurate colors reflecting Asus’ consumer display heritage.

Built-in GPS and LTE

Leaked FCC regulatory filings in December 2023 revealed the VivoWatch 6 will contain built-in GPS allowing pace, distance, and route mapping capabilities without a connected phone. This opens up tracking for running, cycling, and hiking without smartphone assistance.

The same FCC documents reference LTE mobile connectivity – indicating a potential cellular version akin to an Apple Watch. While unconfirmed, LTE would provide true standalone functionality for messaging, notifications, and more.

Sleek Circular Design

Render leaks suggest the VivoWatch 6 retains a premium circular stainless steel watch case with knurled edge detailing and side buttons similar to prior generations. Expect fashionable color options and comfortable fluoroelastomer sport bands.

With a thinner, lighter profile – early hands-on reviews describe the VivoWatch 6 as an impressively svelte smartwatch balancing display size and ergonomics. This helps enable all day and overnight wearability.

Robust App Platform

Like the VivoWatch 5 before it, the Series 6 promises tight integration to the Android ecosystem including full compatibility with the Google Play Store. This unlocks popular apps from Uber, Nest, Spotify, YouTube, and thousands more.

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Asus leverages its cloud-based VivoWatch control app for remote updates, customization, health data analysis and backup. Enhanced themes, watch faces, and interface personalization options help users tailor the experience to suit their preferences and style.

Expected Health & Fitness Capabilities

While not a medical device, the VivoWatch 6 aims to provide comprehensive health metrics to support user wellness goals. Rumored capabilities include:

  • Continuous heart rate tracking – with high/low alerts and historical visualization
  • Enhanced sleep monitoring with sleep cycle breakdown and sleep score benchmarking
  • All-day stress tracking via heart-rate variability sensors
  • On-demand blood oxygen measurements
  • More advanced running metrics like ground contact time, vertical ratio, and power
  • Women’s health tracking with period prediction and cycle history logging

Like Apple and Samsung, Asus leverages this sensor data to promote activity, better sleep habits, breathing exercises for reducing stress, and more. Customizable goal setting and multi-device data aggregation provides a comprehensive wellness dashboard via the VivoWatch app.

Price & Release Date Expectations

Credible supply chain analysts point to an August 2024 launch timeframe for the Asus VivoWatch 6 – likely alongside the next generation Samsung Galaxy Watch and Google Pixel Watch.

Pricing remains unconfirmed, but as a premium Android alternative to the Apple Watch Series 8, most experts predict a $399+ USD starting price. This positions the VivoWatch 6 as a high-end fashion and performance smartwatch rather than budget conscious tracker.

Given the original VivoWatch 5 retailed for $349 at launch, don’t expect much savings for early adopters even on holiday sales.

The Bottom Line

While official details remain scarce, credible leaks point to an exciting upgrade with the Asus VivoWatch 6. Expect a gorgeously modern smartwatch balancing performance, style and battery life. Standout upgrades like built-in GPS, LTE connectivity, improved health tracking, and a signature vivid AMOLED display help the VivoWatch 6 standout in the competitive Android smartwatch landscape later this year.

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Look for new details in coming months as the release date draws near. In the meantime, let us know what features you want to see most in the comments below!

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