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Do you love exploring the lush jungles and soaring cliffs of Pandora in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora? If so, you’ve probably found some useful crafting materials during your adventures. But you may be wondering: where can I find the rare and valuable Canopy Root to craft the ultimate weapon—the Exquisite Heavy Bow?

In this blog post, we’ll give you the inside scoop on the best places to locate Canopy Root and how to collect it efficiently. We’ll also provide tips on using this exotic material to craft the most powerful bow in A:FP. So strap on your jetpack and get ready to harvest some Canopy Root!

The Allure of the Exquisite Heavy Bow

Before we dive into Canopy Root locations, let’s talk about why this weapon is so desirable. The Exquisite Heavy Bow is one of the most formidable tools in your Pandoran arsenal. This bad boy dishes out major damage with lethal precision.

Whether you’re a fan of stealthy long-range takedowns or all-out frontal assaults, the Exquisite Heavy Bow will be your trusty companion. Lining up that perfect headshot from a cliff or branch never gets old! And this weapon has punching power to spare for close-quarters mayhem.

But such an epic prize doesn’t come easy. To unlock the blueprint, you’ll need lots of rare Canopy Root material. This glowing blue plant can be tricky to spot high up in the lush Pandoran rainforest canopy. Time to let some secrets out of the bag!

Unearthing Canopy Root in Eko Mountain

Your first stop on the Canopy Root hunt should be Eko Mountain. This huge jungle-covered peak in A:FP’s southern region is riddled with caves and rocky overhangs. Inside dim grottoes and under hanging vines, you’ll often find the telltale blue shimmer of Canopy Root.

Since Eko Mountain has so many nooks and crannies to explore, it can help to have a plan of attack. Start by using your scanner to pinpoint areas with heavier concentrations of the precious material. That strange readings usually indicate a sizable cache nearby.

Once you’ve marked some scanner hotspots, make your way up the exterior of Eko Mountain. Look for openings in the vegetation that lead deeper into the rock face. Rappelling down into shadowy overhangs or climbing through narrow passageways often reveals glowing troves of Canopy Root.

Pro-tip: If you spot any Na’vi settlements on Eko Mountain, be extra stealthy in grabbing Canopy Root from their domain. You don’t want to trigger unnecessary conflict or risk losing precious harvesting time if they detect you!

Prospecting in the Great Cliffs

Another reliable place to unearth Canopy Root is in the Great Cliffs region located along Pandora’s western boundary. This area features dramatic rock formations and thundering waterfalls cascading into azure pools far below. Canopy Root tends to flourish in the misty environs around these precipitation hot spots.

To find the most plentiful Canopy Root yields here, scout around the cliff bases first. Look for any caves or overhangs disguised by curtains of falling water. Slowly working your way behind each waterfall can lead to some sweet mother lodes glowing quietly in the shadows.

The tops of cliffs can also produce some Canopy Root surprises. But navigating the vertical heights takes a little more finesse. Equip your jetpack and use it sparingly to conserve fuel. Survey potential handholds or vine pathways for climbing higher. Watch out for crumbling rocks or sudden winged predators too!

One efficient tactic is to utilize your scanner again for an aerial overview. You may detect Canopy Root concentrations blooming on narrow cliff ridges or concealed crevices. Just be careful not to trigger a rockslide as you close in for the harvest!

Harvesting Canopy Root Like a Pro


Now that you know where to find Canopy Root, let’s get into some pro harvesting strategies. First, keep an eye out for these telltale characteristics so you can spot Canopy Root quickly:

  • Glowing Blue Stems – The plant’s signature neon blue glow along fibrous stems or tentacles ● Wet, Mossy Areas – Canopy Root thrives in humid, moisture-rich environments
  • Under Hanging Roots – Often flourishes underneath veil of dangling tree roots

Once you’ve located a Canopy Root cluster, move in swiftly from an uphill position whenever possible. This allows you to easily collect from multiple nodes as you work your way downhill.

Simply approach each Canopy Root node and press the interact button to add it to your inventory. You can harvest up to 10 glowing stems per node. So a single lush patch allows you to rack up materials rapidly.

If your inventory fills up quickly, make sure to return to a crafting bench soon to empty it out. Having maximum carrying capacity ensures you can gather the most Canopy Root during each expedition. No one likes leaving valuable loot behind!

Crafting the Mythical Exquisite Heavy Bow

Now for the best part – turning all that precious Canopy Root into an Exquisite Heavy Bow! Once you’ve collected enough glowing blue stems, head to any weapons workbench to claim your glorious prize.

Equipping this legendary bow immediately boosts your combat capabilities. The Exquisite Heavy Bow features unmatched accuracy and tremendous piercing impact. Whether you prefer silent stealth kills or close-quarters mayhem, this weapon specializes in both.

The key is fully upgrading the Exquisite Heavy Bow as soon as possible. This unlocks an arsenal of advanced ammo types for maximum versatility. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Shock Arrows – Electrify enemies with a web of incapacitating current
  • Splinter Arrows – Unleash a hailstorm of razor-sharp crystal shrapnel
  • Scorcher Arrows – Ignite targets for ongoing burn damage

Your fully-loaded Exquisite Heavy Bow coupled with enhanced Na’vi abilities makes you an unstoppable force. Now it’s time to get out there and put some hurt on those RDA occupying forces!

Wreak Havoc with Your Exquisite Heavy Bow

We hope these Canopy Root harvesting tips help you locate the necessary materials to craft your ultimate Pandoran weapon. Now that you’re locked and loaded with an Exquisite Heavy Bow, it’s time for some payback!

Rain down some shock, splinter, and scorcher ammunition on those hapless RDA goons. Nothing beats picking them off one-by-one from the treetops before they even detect you. But when confronted face-to-face, show no mercy either. Overpower their futile defenses with barrages of your deadly trick arrows.

However you leverage your Exquisite Heavy Bow’s awesome strengths, take pride in unlocking Pandora’s most formidable weapon. Canopy Root’s alluring glow led you to a true prize – the tools for dealing some major damage in style! We hope this guide serves you well during your continuing adventures across the sweeping alien vistas of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.


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