Beyond Timekeeping: 15 Hidden Gems Your Apple Watch Can Do

Beyond Timekeeping: 15 Hidden Gems Your Apple Watch Can Do
Credit: ZDNET

The Apple Watch is more than just a stylish wrist accessory. It’s a powerful mini-computer strapped to your arm, brimming with features that extend far beyond telling time. But with so many functionalities packed into a small device, some hidden gems might go unnoticed. Here are 15 surprising things your Apple Watch can do that you might not have known about:

1. Unlock Your Mac with a Glance

Beyond Timekeeping: 15 Hidden Gems Your Apple Watch Can Do
Credit: Apple Support

Juggling multiple Apple devices can be a hassle, but your Apple Watch can streamline the process. Enabled through Apple Watch settings, a simple glance at your watch with your Mac unlocked nearby can grant you access, eliminating the need to constantly type in your password. This feature works similarly for approving security prompts on your Mac.

2. Find Your Lost iPhone with a Ping

Misplaced your iPhone and can’t hear its ringtone? No problem! Swipe up on your Apple Watch to access the Control Center, tap the phone icon, and your iPhone will emit a loud ping, helping you locate it buried under the couch cushions or hiding in plain sight.

3. Take Control of Your Music on the Go

Running errands or hitting the gym? You don’t need your phone to control your music. Your Apple Watch lets you play, pause, skip tracks, adjust volume, and even choose playlists directly from your wrist. Plus, if you have cellular data enabled on your watch, you can stream music without needing your phone nearby.

4. Master the Silent Notification

Sometimes, a discreet notification is preferred. For a silent notification, press down firmly with two fingers on the screen of your Apple Watch (not a Force Touch). This will display the notification without a sound or vibration, allowing you to check it privately.

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5. Capture the Perfect Moment with a Remote Shutter

Beyond Timekeeping: 15 Hidden Gems Your Apple Watch Can Do
Credit: Gadget Hacks

Love taking group photos? Utilize your Apple Watch as a remote camera shutter for your iPhone. Open the Camera app on your iPhone, and on your Watch, open the Camera Remote app. Now, you can frame the perfect shot and capture it remotely from your wrist, ensuring you’re always in the picture.

6. Breathe Easy with Guided Mindfulness Sessions

Feeling stressed? Your Apple Watch can be your pocket-sized stress reliever. The Breathe app offers guided breathing exercises, helping you focus on your breath and promoting mindfulness throughout the day.

7. Turn Your Watch into a Walkie-Talkie

For quick communication with friends or family who also have Apple Watches, the Walkie-Talkie app transforms your watch into a short-range two-way radio. Simply add contacts and enjoy instant voice communication, perfect for quick chats on the go.

8. Dictate Your Texts with Ease

Don’t feel like typing a response? No problem! The Messages app on your Apple Watch allows you to dictate your message directly into the watch. Simply tap the microphone icon and speak your message, and your Watch will transcribe it for you.

9. Navigate Like a Pro with Wrist Guidance

Lost and confused? The Maps app on your Apple Watch provides turn-by-turn navigation on your wrist. As you walk or cycle towards your destination, gentle haptic taps on your wrist will guide you in the right direction, eliminating the need to constantly glance at your phone screen.

10. Track Your Sleep with Third-Party Apps

While a native sleep tracking app isn’t currently included in watchOS, several third-party apps bridge the gap. These apps leverage your watch’s motion sensors to analyze your sleep patterns and provide insights into your sleep quality, helping you improve your sleep hygiene.

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11. Measure Decibels and Monitor Noise Levels

Beyond Timekeeping: 15 Hidden Gems Your Apple Watch Can Do
Credit: CNET

Concerned about noise pollution? Your Apple Watch can transform into a basic noise meter. The Noise app measures the surrounding decibel level, allowing you to monitor noise levels in your environment and take precautions if needed.

12. Take a Photo with a Flick of the Wrist

Beyond a remote shutter, your Apple Watch can actually capture photos directly. Open the Camera Remote app on your Watch, and you’ll see a preview of your iPhone’s camera view. A simple tap on the screen captures a photo using your iPhone’s camera, giving you a convenient way to take a quick snapshot.

13. Quickly Calculate a Tip or Split a Bill

Dining out with friends? The Calculator app on your Apple Watch can handle basic calculations, including splitting a bill or calculating a tip. Simply use the on-screen buttons to enter your numbers and get instant results, saving you from awkward phone fumbling at the dinner table.

14. Identify Songs with a Shazam Integration

Beyond Timekeeping: 15 Hidden Gems Your Apple Watch Can Do
Credit: MacRumors

Heard a catchy song and can’t identify it? No need to pull out your phone, Your Apple Watch has you covered. With Shazam integration built-in, simply raise your wrist and open the Shazam app on your Watch. Hold your wrist near the music source, and Shazam will quickly identify the song, artist, and even display lyrics on your wrist.

15. Transform Your Watch into a Level

DIY enthusiasts rejoice! Your Apple Watch can act as a basic level. The Compass app features a level function, allowing you to check if surfaces are perfectly flat, useful for hanging pictures or tackling carpentry projects.

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These are just a few of the hidden gems waiting to be explored on your Apple Watch. With its ever-expanding capabilities, this versatile device continues to transcend the boundaries of a mere timepiece, becoming an indispensable companion that seamlessly integrates into your daily life. So, next time you glance at your Apple Watch, remember, there’s likely a whole world of hidden features waiting to be discovered.

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