Dog Speedrunning MLB on Super Nintendo Steals the Show (and Our Hearts) at Charity Event

Dog Speedrunning MLB on Super Nintendo Steals the Show (and Our Hearts) at Charity Event

There’s a new kind of athlete taking the speedrunning world by storm, and he walks on four paws. At this year’s Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) charity event, a Shiba Inu named Peanut Butter took center stage, not to race through a complex platformer, but to dominate the diamond in Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball for the Super Nintendo.

From Treats to Triumph: Peanut Butter’s Rise to Speedrunning Stardom

Peanut Butter isn’t your average canine companion. He’s an established speedrunner, having honed his skills under the watchful eye (and treat-dispensing hand) of his owner, JSR. While speedrunning typically involves rapid button mashing and intricate controller maneuvers, Peanut Butter’s approach is refreshingly straightforward.

“The training wasn’t too complicated,” JSR revealed in a pre-event interview with IGN. “I first had to train him to press the buttons on command, and that was easy. The real challenge was keeping his focus during a long game.”

Let’s face it, even the most dedicated athlete struggles with maintaining focus. Thankfully, JSR had a secret weapon: a specially designed, oversized button placed strategically in front of the console. With a well-timed nudge of his paw, prompted by verbal cues and the promise of delicious treats, Peanut Butter could swing the virtual bat.

A Tail-Wagging Victory for Charity

The pressure was on for Peanut Butter’s SGDQ debut. Not only was he aiming to complete a full game of MLB, but he was also raising money for Doctors Without Borders, a renowned international medical humanitarian organization. The crowd, a mix of seasoned speedrunners and dog lovers, roared with anticipation as Peanut Butter took his “position” at the controller.

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The game itself was a nail-biter. Fielding plays were automated, leaving Peanut Butter to focus on his offensive prowess. With each successful swing, the crowd erupted in cheers, the internet buzzed with excitement, and donations poured in. There were tense moments, of course, with near misses and close calls. But Peanut Butter, ever the determined athlete (and treat enthusiast), persevered.

The climax came in dramatic fashion. With the game tied in extra innings, Peanut Butter faced a crucial at-bat. The tension was palpable. Then, with a well-timed paw press, Peanut Butter launched a two-run homerun, securing victory for his team and igniting a frenzy in the crowd. The final time: 29 minutes and 48 seconds, a respectable showing for a canine competitor (and a significant improvement on his practice runs, JSR later admitted).

More Than Just Games: The Power of Pets and Play

Peanut Butter’s victory transcended the realm of video games. It was a testament to the incredible bond between humans and animals. JSR’s dedication to training Peanut Butter, not for entertainment, but for charity, showcased the positive impact animals can have in our lives. The event also highlighted the growing popularity of pet influencers and the power of online communities to rally behind a good cause.

“It’s amazing to see the gaming community come together to support such a worthy organization,” JSR said in his post-game interview. “And of course, I’m incredibly proud of Peanut Butter. He’s a natural athlete and a very good boy.”

The Future of Furry Speedrunning

Peanut Butter’s success has sparked renewed interest in the potential for animal participation in speedrunning. While ethical considerations and the limitations of animal cognition will remain paramount, the event has opened up discussions about alternative speedrunning formats that could involve trained pets.

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One possibility is the development of games specifically designed for animal interaction, with simplified controls and mechanics. Another option could be incorporating animal-assisted elements into existing speedruns, perhaps for fundraising events or exhibitions.

Regardless of how it evolves, Peanut Butter’s paw print on the speedrunning scene is undeniable. He’s shown us that competition and charity can be delivered with a wagging tail and a joyful bark, reminding us all of the simple pleasures in life – video games, furry friends, and the power of community.


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