GTA Online’s Bottom Dollar Bounties Update Delivers Bounty Hunting Frenzy

GTA Online's Bottom Dollar Bounties Update Delivers Bounty Hunting Frenzy

Rockstar Games is set to launch the “Bottom Dollar Bounties” update for Grand Theft Auto Online on June 25th, spanning platforms like PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. This update promises an exhilarating revival of the bounty hunting experience in Los Santos and Blaine County, offering players lucrative opportunities to carve their path in the criminal underworld.

The Legacy Continues with Maude Eccles

At the heart of the Bottom Dollar Bounties update is Maude Eccles, a familiar face known for her unwavering pursuit of justice. She entrusts her bail enforcement business, Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement, to a new generation of bounty hunters, led by her daughter, Jenette.

Tools of the Trade: A Bounty Hunter’s Arsenal

To effectively apprehend targets, players gain access to:

  • New Bounty Targets: Diverse characters with unique backstories and capture challenges.
  • Enhanced Bounty Boards: Locate targets across Los Santos and Blaine County with detailed criminal profiles and rewards.
  • Law Enforcement Collaboration: Partner with Officer Vincent Effenburger for off-the-books “Dispatch Work” and use new law enforcement vehicles.

Expanding Horizons: Beyond Bounty Hunting

In addition to bounty hunting, the update introduces:

  • New Drift and Drag Races: Customize and compete in adrenaline-pumping races.
  • Diverse Vehicle Selection: Explore new vehicles ranging from supercars to off-road beasts.
  • Quality of Life Improvements: Enhance gameplay with system tweaks and bug fixes based on player feedback.

A Summer of Excitement: What Lies Ahead

The Bottom Dollar Bounties update kicks off a content-rich summer in GTA Online, promising ongoing events and additions to keep players engaged in Los Santos.

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Revitalizing Bounty Hunting: A Return to Form

The update aims to revamp the bounty hunting experience by addressing previous limitations with expanded content and deeper gameplay elements.

Join the Hunt: Are You Ready?

Whether you’re a seasoned GTA Online player or a newcomer, the Bottom Dollar Bounties update invites you to dive into the thrilling world of bounty hunting. Sharpen your skills, team up with friends, and pursue justice for substantial rewards in Los Santos.


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