Honor Magic 6 Pro: A Worthy Challenger to the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Crown

Honor Magic 6 Pro: A Worthy Challenger to the Galaxy S24 Ultra's Crown
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The smartphone world has a new king-in-waiting. Honor’s brand new Magic 6 Pro packs cutting edge features and specs that could help it dethrone the current Android monarch, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. After spending two weeks thoroughly testing the Magic 6 Pro, we believe it has a strong chance against the S24 Ultra for the smartphone crown.

Sleek and Modern Design

The Honor Magic 6 Pro sports a sleek and modern design language that looks and feels premium. The glass back (available in three gorgeous colors) gives it a sophisticated aesthetic, albeit at the cost of durability. We recommend using one of the many great protective cases available.

On the front, the gorgeous 6.7-inch 3120 x 1440 OLED display dominates the landscape. Images and videos look incredible sharp and vivid. The high 120Hz refresh rate also makes all animations and scrolling silky smooth. It’s a display that impresses no matter whether you’re gaming, watching videos, or browsing the web.

Blazing Fast Performance

Powering the Magic 6 Pro is Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, backed up by 12GB of RAM. This hardware combination delivers exceptional benchmark scores on par with other 2024 flagships. More importantly, real world usage is incredibly fast and fluid. Apps open instantly, multi-tasking is a breeze, and games play smoothly thanks to top notch internals.

Versatile and Capable Camera System

The Magic 6 Pro camera system features a powerful 50MP main sensor paired with a 50MP ultrawide lens and 8MP telephoto lens. This flexible setup captures beautiful, detailed photos in good lighting. The ultrawide lens excels at sweeping landscape shots. The 3.5x optical zoom telephoto delivers clear close up images. There’s also a 16MP selfie camera.

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Low light photo quality stands out as well, with accurate colors and low noise levels in nighttime shots. Numerous manual controls allow photography enthusiasts to tweak settings for the best possible images. Overall, it’s one of the most well-rounded camera packages today. Casual and professional users alike will appreciate the photographic capabilities of the Magic 6 Pro.

Magic Capsule Brings Novel Interactivity

One of the most unique new features is Magic Capsule, a small accessory that magnetically attaches to the back of the phone. Using eye tracking sensors and AI, Magic Capsule enables revolutionary ways to interact and control your device. For example, simply looking in certain directions allows you to scroll webpages, play games hands-free, and even answer calls just by looking at the capsule. It brings sci-fi style interactions to your smartphone today.

As an early stage technology, Magic Capsule isn’t yet seamless or versatile enough for everyone’s daily use cases. But we applaud Honor for pushing the envelope with pioneering innovations like this. As eye tracking and motion controls improve down the road, expect Magic Capsule to become an even more integral and natural way of using your phone.

All Day Battery Life

Battery capacity stands at a generous 5000 mAh. For many users that will easily provide all day usage from morning to night. However, heavy users may need to top up later in the day. Fast charging support helps recharge quickly when needed. Overall battery life is quite respectable given the robust internals and display.

Honor Magic 6 Pro: A Worthy Challenger to the Galaxy S24 Ultra's Crown
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MagicOS 7 Brings Useful Features

On the software side, Magic OS 7 based on Android 13 offers a number of handy customizations and optimizations. Features like multi-window support, an Always On Display mode, enhanced privacy controls, and more give you greater ways to tweak your phone experience. Magic OS also promises faster security updates than some manufacturers, giving Peace of mind.

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How Does It Compare to the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

So how does the comprehensive Magic 6 Pro package compare directly against the current Android leader, the Galaxy S24 Ultra? In many ways, it matches or even exceeds Samsung’s flagship. The excellent Super QHD+ display, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 power, superb camera flexibility, and innovative Magic Capsule interactions make the Magic 6 Pro a formidable opponent.

Samsung still holds some advantages, like wider brand recognition and DeX desktop mode support. The S Pen stylus also attracts some professional creators. However, weak battery life remains an Achilles heel. The Magic 6 Pro lasts significantly longer on a charge from our experience.

Both phones deliver excellent performance and great features. But with competitive pricing on its side, we believe the Honor Magic 6 Pro has a real shot at seizing the Android crown if it can continue gaining momentum and mindshare. For now, it’s firmly among the top flagships you can buy today.

Stay tuned for our upcoming article directly comparing camera samples from the Magic 6 Pro against the Galaxy S24 Ultra and other rivals. Once again Honor looks to shake up the industry by offering an overall package that gives the very best a run for their money. The Android hierarchy may look very different a year from now if the Magic 6 series sees mass adoption.


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