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How to Shoot Real Estate Videos with Drones

How to Shoot Real Estate Videos with Drones
Image Credit - Fathom Realty

Drone videography adds a unique perspective and elevates the appeal of real estate listings. If you’re ready to take your real estate videography skills to new heights, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you capture stunning aerial footage:

Planning and Preparation

Know the Regulations

Research and obtain necessary permits for drone flights in your area. Be aware of airspace restrictions and no-fly zones.

Scout the Location

Visit the property beforehand to understand its layout, key features, and potential obstacles. Plan your shots and flight path for smooth transitions.

Choose the Right Equipment

Select a stable and reliable drone with a high-quality camera that shoots smooth 4K footage. Consider factors like wind resistance, battery life, and portability.

Invest in Essential Accessories

Extra batteries, ND filters for different lighting conditions, a landing pad, and spare propellers are crucial for a smooth shoot.

How to Shoot Real Estate Videos with Drones
Image Credit – Aerial Innovations Southeast

Filming Techniques

Start with an Establishing Shot

Capture a wide aerial view showcasing the property and its surroundings, setting the context.

Showcase the Property from Different Angles

Fly around the house, capturing its architectural details, landscaping, and unique features.

Utilize Different Flight Maneuvers

Include smooth panning shots, slow reveals, and cinematic orbit movements to add dynamism and visual interest.

Maintain Consistent Altitude and Speed

Ensure stable footage by avoiding erratic movements and sudden changes in altitude.

Incorporate Ground-Level Shots

Combine drone footage with shots filmed on the ground, showcasing interior details and providing a sense of scale.

Post-Production Magic

Color Grading and Editing

Enhance the visual appeal of your footage with color correction, adding subtle adjustments for a professional look.

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Music and Sound Effects

Incorporate royalty-free music and subtle sound effects to create a mood and enhance the viewing experience.

Text Overlays and Graphics

Add text overlays highlighting key features or property information for clarity and engagement.

Additional Tips

  • Shoot during golden hour: The soft light of sunrise or sunset creates the most flattering and cinematic visuals.
  • Be mindful of weather conditions: Avoid windy days and ensure good visibility for safe and high-quality footage.
  • Communicate with the client: Understand their vision and tailor your shots to highlight the property’s unique selling points.
  • Practice and experiment: Drone flying and videography take time and practice. Hone your skills and experiment with different techniques to develop your signature style.

Remember: Safety is paramount. Always fly responsibly, following regulations and prioritizing safety for yourself and others.

By following these steps and incorporating your creativity, you can capture stunning drone footage that elevates real estate listings, attracting potential buyers and boosting sales. So, take to the skies and showcase properties in a whole new light!



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