JSAUX FlipGo Portable Dual Monitor Review – Productivity on the Go

JSAUX FlipGo Portable Dual Monitor Review - Productivity on the Go
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The JSAUX FlipGo is a revolutionary product aiming to redefine portable productivity. This innovative device boasts two integrated 13.3-inch or 16-inch displays, folding into a compact and sleek package. But does the FlipGo live up to its promise of doubling your screen space and boosting your productivity? This in-depth review delves into the FlipGo’s design, performance, features, and real-world usability to help you decide if it’s the perfect portable dual monitor companion.

A Design First Impression: Sleek and Functional

The JSAUX FlipGo boasts a minimalist design aesthetic. Available in a classic space gray color, the FlipGo utilizes a combination of aluminum alloy and high-quality plastic for a sturdy yet lightweight feel. When folded, it resembles a slim laptop, measuring a mere 0.63 inches in thickness. Unfolded, the two displays hinge seamlessly, offering a generous viewing area.

The bezels are minimal, maximizing screen real estate without feeling bulky. Build quality feels solid, and the folding mechanism inspires confidence with its smooth operation. Overall, the JSAUX FlipGo makes a strong first impression with its sleek design and emphasis on portability.

Display Performance: A Balancing Act

The JSAUX FlipGo offers two 13.3-inch or 16-inch display options, both featuring a 2256 x 1504 resolution and a 3:2 aspect ratio. This resolution provides ample clarity for most productivity tasks, but content creators or gamers might find it lacking for high-resolution visuals. The 3:2 aspect ratio, while less common on laptops, feels well-suited for document editing and web browsing, offering a more vertically spacious viewing experience.

Brightness levels are sufficient for indoor use, but outdoor visibility can be hampered under direct sunlight. Viewing angles are decent, but some color shifting might occur when viewed from extreme angles. The displays are not touch-sensitive, which some users might find limiting. Overall, the display performance offers a good balance between portability, resolution, and affordability.

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JSAUX FlipGo Portable Dual Monitor Review - Productivity on the Go
Credit: jsaux

Connecting to Your Devices: Options Abound

The JSAUX FlipGo offers a variety of connectivity options to cater to different devices. Here’s a breakdown of the available ports:

  • USB-C: The primary connection method for most modern laptops. It provides both power and display functionality.
  • USB-A: Useful for connecting peripherals like a mouse or keyboard.
  • Mini-HDMI: An alternative connection option for laptops without a USB-C port.

The inclusion of both USB-C and Mini-HDMI ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices. However, some users might miss an integrated SD card reader for additional storage options. Setting up the connection is straightforward, with most devices automatically detecting the FlipGo as a secondary display.

Software and Features: Beyond Mirroring

The JSAUX FlipGo doesn’t require any specific software to function. It operates as a secondary display through your device’s existing operating system. However, some features enhance the user experience:

  • Display Mode Options: Extend or mirror your laptop’s display onto the FlipGo screens.
  • Portrait Mode: Rotate the displays into portrait mode for specific tasks like coding or reading long documents.
  • Touchpad Functionality (on select models): Certain models offer touchscreen functionality on one of the displays, providing a more intuitive way to interact with your content.

These features, while basic, offer some level of customization and improve the overall usability of the FlipGo.

Real-World Use: Does it Boost Productivity?

The true test of the JSAUX FlipGo lies in its ability to enhance productivity. Here’s how it fares in real-world scenarios:

  • Multitasking Master: Having two screens allows you to keep essential applications open side-by-side, streamlining your workflow.
  • Research and Writing Powerhouse: The FlipGo excels for research and writing tasks, allowing you to view reference materials on one screen while composing your document on the other.
  • Ideal for Mobile Professionals: The compact size and portability make the FlipGo a perfect companion for professionals on the go, allowing them to set up a dual-monitor workspace virtually anywhere.
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However, there are limitations to consider:

  • Learning Curve: Adjusting to a dual-monitor setup might require a slight learning curve as you optimize your workflow.
  • Not for Gamers: The display specs and potential for latency make the FlipGo less suitable for gaming.

Overall, the JSAUX FlipGo delivers on its promise of boosting productivity, particularly for professionals who require a dual-monitor setup while maintaining portability.

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