Rugged Phones Put to the Test: Can They Survive Drops, Dirt, and Extreme Temperatures?

Rugged Phones Put to the Test: Can They Survive Drops, Dirt, and Extreme Temperatures?
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In a world dominated by sleek, glass-and-metal smartphones, rugged phones stand as the burly outcasts. These chunky devices, often clad in rubber and reinforced plastic, boast of surviving drops, dust baths, and even icy plunges. But are these claims just marketing bravado, or can they truly withstand the harshest conditions?

We decided to put them to the test. We gathered three popular rugged phone models: the Doogee V20, the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro, and the CAT S62 Pro. We then subjected them to a series of brutal challenges, designed to mimic the real-world mishaps these tough phones might face.

Round 1: The Tumbleweed Test

First up, the dreaded drop test. From a height of 6 feet onto concrete, each phone took a nasty fall. The Doogee V20, with its thick rubber bumper, emerged unscathed, not even a scratch on its Gorilla Glass Victus screen. The Galaxy XCover6 Pro fared well too, with just a minor scuff on the corner. The CAT S62 Pro, however, showed some battle scars, with a cracked corner and a slightly misaligned screen protector.

Rugged Phones Put to the Test: Can They Survive Drops, Dirt, and Extreme Temperatures?
Image Credit | India Today

Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro – A rugged phone designed for challenging environments.

Round 2: The Dust Devil

Next, we plunged the phones into a swirling vortex of sand and dust. Simulating a pocket full of beach pebbles or a dusty construction site, we blasted them with air and fine particles for five minutes. All three phones emerged surprisingly clean, with no dust clogging their ports or speakers.

Round 3: The Polar Plunge

No rugged phone test is complete without a dip in the icy depths. We submerged the phones in a bucket of ice water for 30 minutes, mimicking an accidental dunk in a freezing lake or river. All three phones survived the icy bath, with their touchscreens still responsive and functions unimpaired.

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Round 4: The Scorching Sun

Finally, we baked the phones under a heat lamp for an hour, reaching temperatures of 140°F (60°C). This simulates being left in a hot car on a summer day. Once again, all three phones passed the test, with no overheating or performance issues.

The Verdict: Rugged Phones Deliver (Mostly)

So, can rugged phones survive drops, dirt, and extreme temperatures? Our tests reveal a resounding yes for the most part. While the CAT S62 Pro showed some cosmetic wear and tear after the drop test, all three phones performed admirably in challenging conditions. They withstood dust, ice, and scorching heat, proving their mettle for outdoor adventurers and clumsy folks alike.

But before you go cliff diving with your rugged phone, remember:

  • Every phone has its limits. While these devices are built tough, pushing them to extremes can still result in damage.
  • Read the warranty carefully. Some rugged phones only cover specific types of damage under warranty.
  • Cases can add extra protection. Consider investing in a rugged case for even more peace of mind.

Overall, rugged phones are a worthy investment for anyone who leads an active lifestyle or works in harsh environments. They offer peace of mind and the ability to keep connected, no matter what life throws your way. Just remember, even the toughest phone has its Achilles heel, so treat it with respect and you’ll be rewarded with years of reliable service.


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