Samsung HW-S800D Soundbar Review: Slim Design, Mighty Sound

Samsung HW-S800D Soundbar Review: Slim Design, Mighty Sound

Samsung’s HW-S800D soundbar defies convention. This ultra-slim audio powerhouse delivers an immersive sound experience that belies its compact form factor. Our in-depth review explores whether this discreet soundbar can truly elevate your entertainment setup to new heights.

Design: Sleek and Sophisticated

At first glance, the HW-S800D’s slim profile is its most striking feature. Measuring just under 1.6 inches tall, it seamlessly blends into modern, minimalist living spaces without dominating the room. Samsung’s engineers have masterfully packed a wealth of audio technology into this sleek chassis, making it a true marvel of modern audio engineering.

Samsung HW-S800D Soundbar Review: Slim Design, Mighty Sound
Credit | Samsung US

Sound Quality: Big Performance in a Small Package

Despite its compact size, the HW-S800D delivers a surprisingly powerful and immersive sound experience. A strategic array of nine drivers, including dedicated up-firing speakers, creates a 3.1.2 channel audio setup with Dolby Atmos support. This translates to clear and detailed sound across the left, right, and center channels, with the added benefit of convincing sonic dimensionality.

Whether you’re watching a dramatic movie scene with raindrops falling from above or an action flick with helicopters soaring overhead, the HW-S800D creates a captivating sense of depth and realism. The included wireless subwoofer adds a satisfying punch of bass, ensuring a well-balanced soundscape that doesn’t sacrifice clarity for sheer power.

While audiophiles might find the soundstage slightly limited compared to full-fledged surround sound systems, the HW-S800D excels at delivering a compelling audio experience for everyday entertainment. Crisp highs and clear mids ensure dialogue remains intelligible, while the bass delivers an impactful presence without overwhelming the other frequencies.

Samsung HW-S800D Soundbar Review: Slim Design, Mighty Sound
Credit: Samsung Canada

Features and Functionality: Smart and User-Friendly

Setting up the HW-S800D is a breeze, thanks to its HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) support, which allows you to control the soundbar’s volume with your TV remote. Bluetooth connectivity also enables wireless streaming from your smartphone or tablet, making it easy to fill your living space with your favorite tunes.

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Gamers will appreciate the dedicated Game Mode, which optimizes the audio for a more immersive and engaging experience. The soundstage expands, allowing you to pinpoint in-game sounds and footsteps with greater precision, giving you a competitive edge.

While the included remote control is minimalist and functional, offering basic volume control, source selection, and sound mode adjustments, some users might find it lacking compared to more feature-rich remotes offered by competing soundbars.

Samsung HW-S800D Soundbar Review: Slim Design, Mighty Sound
Credit: Samsung Philippines

The Verdict: A Versatile and Value-Packed Soundbar

The Samsung HW-S800D soundbar is an excellent choice for those seeking a significant audio upgrade without sacrificing valuable living space. Its sleek design and powerful sound capabilities make it a perfect fit for modern entertainment centers, delivering a captivating audio experience for movies, music, and even gaming.

While it might not be the ultimate audiophile dream machine, the HW-S800D provides exceptional value for its price point. If you prioritize a discreet design, immersive sound for everyday entertainment, and user-friendly features, the Samsung HW-S800D is a soundbar that deserves serious consideration.



  • Limited soundstage compared to full surround sound systems
  • Bass might not be as customizable as some users prefer
  • Remote control lacks advanced features

The Samsung HW-S800D soundbar proves that big things can come in small packages. It’s a testament to Samsung’s innovative design and audio engineering, offering a compelling solution for those seeking a discreet yet powerful audio upgrade for their living room entertainment.

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