Sony’s PSVR2: A Pause in Production Amidst Rising Inventory

Sony’s PSVR2: A Pause in Production Amidst Rising Inventory
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In the world of virtual reality (VR), Sony’s PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) has been a prominent contender. However, recent developments have prompted a halt in its production. This article explores the reasons behind this decision and its potential implications for the VR industry.

The Current State of PSVR2

Sony’s PSVR2, an accessory for the PlayStation 5, has encountered a slowdown in sales since its launch. Despite being a key player in the VR market alongside Meta Platforms Inc, Sony has faced challenges in attracting sufficient content creators to make their platform compelling.

Launched in February of the previous year at a price point of $550, the PSVR2 has witnessed accumulating stocks due to declining sales. Despite producing over two million units, shipments have decreased every quarter since its debut.

The Challenges of VR

VR faces several hurdles, including the high cost of hardware, which impedes its widespread adoption. Additionally, the limited availability of VR-compatible games reduces the incentive for consumers to invest in VR devices.

Sony’s PSVR2: A Pause in Production Amidst Rising Inventory
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Developing VR games incurs higher costs compared to traditional titles, resulting in a scarcity of content. This challenge extends beyond Sony, as evidenced by the debut of Apple’s Vision Pro headset without tailored apps from key entertainment platforms like Netflix and YouTube.

The Future of PSVR2

Despite these challenges, Sony remains committed to expanding the content library available on the PSVR2. Efforts include testing the compatibility of PSVR2 with PC titles, offering players access to a broader range of experiences. Furthermore, enhancements are anticipated with the upcoming Grok-1.5 model, which may introduce features such as summarizing threads and replies.

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Accessing PSVR2

To experience PSVR2, users require an X account and a subscription to the X Premium+ plan, priced at $16 per month or $168 per year. This subscription removes all ads from the For You and Following feeds and provides users with opportunities for monetization through paid posts and fan subscriptions.


The pause in PSVR2 production underscores the challenges confronting the VR industry. However, with companies like Sony persisting in innovation and product refinement, the future of VR remains promising. As advancements continue and content offerings expand, VR could yet become a ubiquitous and immersive technology for consumers worldwide.

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