The Weirdest Game Glitches of 2022

The Weirdest Game Glitches of 2022
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The year 2022 was not just about mind-blowing game releases like Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarok; it was also a year chock-full of some truly bizarre and hilarious glitches that had us scratching our heads (and laughing till our sides hurt). Buckle up, gamers, as we delve into the wacky world of the weirdest and most unusual game glitches of 2022:

1. Elden Ring’s Headless Horseman

Who needs a head when you have an axe (and terrifying glowing eyes)? This Elden Ring glitch turned the normally intimidating Night Cavalry boss into a headless horseman, galloping around Limgrave without a care in the world. While some players found it unsettling, others couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of this headless specter clumsily trying to swing its axe.

2. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Rubberbanding Behemoths

Get ready for some Pokemon physics gone wild! Pokemon Scarlet & Violet suffered from some hilarious glitches, including Pokemon getting stuck in rubberbanding loops, contorting their bodies in impossible ways as they tried to break free. Who knew a Koraidon could become a pretzel?

3. Stray’s Kitty Catastrophe

Even adorable felines aren’t immune to glitches! In Stray, the charming cat adventure game, players encountered some head-scratching moments, like the “floating cat glitch” where our furry protagonist defied gravity and hovered mid-air, and the “wall clipping glitch” that sent him phasing through walls like a feline ghost.

4. Gotham Knights’ Batmobile Shenanigans

The Batmobile has always been a source of vehicular mayhem in Batman games, but Gotham Knights took it to a whole new level. From launching into the stratosphere to getting stuck in endless loops, the Batmobile in this game seemed to have a mind of its own, much to the amusement (and occasional frustration) of players.

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5. Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy Takes Flight

Aloy, the brave heroine of Horizon Forbidden West, is known for her climbing skills, but thanks to a glitch, she took things to a whole new level – literally. This glitch sent Aloy soaring into the sky like a human rocket, offering players breathtaking views of the post-apocalyptic landscape, albeit in a slightly unintended way.

These are just a few of the many strange and hilarious glitches that made 2022 a year to remember in the world of gaming. While they may have caused some frustration at times, they also served as a reminder that sometimes, the unexpected can be the most entertaining. So, next time you encounter a bizarre glitch, take a moment to laugh it off and appreciate the absurdity of it all. After all, who knows what wacky hijinks the world of video games will throw at us next?

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