What is Scribie? A Complete Guide to the Popular Transcription Service

What is Scribie? A Complete Guide to the Popular Transcription Service

Scribie is an online transcription service that allows users to upload audio and video files to be transcribed by a team of professional transcribers. With its affordable pricing, quick turnaround times, and commitment to accuracy, Scribie has become one of the most popular automated transcription services since it launched in 2014.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain exactly what Scribie is, how it works, its key benefits, transcription requirements, pay rates, legitimacy, and more. Whether you’re considering using Scribie for a business or personal need or becoming a Scribie transcriber yourself, read on to learn everything you need to know about this useful transcription tool.

What is Scribie and How Does it Work?

Scribie is a web-based automated transcription service that relies on a combination of speech recognition technology and a network of human transcribers to deliver fast, accurate written transcripts of audio and video files.

Here’s a quick rundown of how Scribie works:

  1. Users upload an audio or video file to the Scribie website or integrate with the Scribie API. Supported file formats include MP3, WAV, MP4, MOV, and more.
  2. Scribie’s speech recognition technology provides an initial automated transcription by converting the audio into text.
  3. The automated transcript is then sent to a team of professional human transcribers, who edit and correct any errors to ensure accuracy.
  4. The completed transcript is returned to the user via the Scribie platform. Turnaround time is usually 24 hours or less for a one-hour file.

Throughout the process, users can log into their Scribie account to track the progress on their transcripts. The finished docs are delivered in text format, making them easy to use for any purpose.

What is Scribie? A Complete Guide to the Popular Transcription Service

The Benefits of Using Scribie

Scribie offers a host of benefits that make it an appealing option for anyone needing transcripts—from students and researchers to marketers and legal professionals. Here are some of the key advantages of using Scribie:


With human transcribers reviewing and editing the automated transcripts, Scribie delivers exceptionally accurate results. The company guarantees at least 99% accuracy, backed up by a money-back accuracy guarantee.


Thanks to automation and a large transcriptionist network, Scribie can deliver transcripts much faster than manual transcription alone. Turnaround times range from just 3 hours for rush orders to a maximum of 36 hours for long files.


Scribie provides multiple transcription options to suit different needs and budgets. Users can choose between Clean Verbatim, Verbatim, and Timed transcription. There are also editing options available.


Starting at just $0.80 per minute of audio, Scribie offers affordable pricing, especially when factoring in the speed and accuracy. Volume discounts are also available to reduce costs for larger transcription projects.


Uploading files and ordering transcripts is easy with Scribie’s intuitive online platform and integrations. Users don’t have to coordinate with transcribers or go through a complicated process.


Scribie uses industry-standard encryption technologies to keep customer data and files secure. Only the assigned transcriber can access the files.

Requirements to Become a Scribie Transcriber

Scribie relies on thousands of independent transcribers around the world to deliver fast turnarounds to customers. If you’re interested in making money transcribing for Scribie, you must meet these requirements:

  • Fluent communication skills in English
  • Excellent listening skills and attention to detail
  • Proficiency with grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Ability to accurately transcribe at high speeds
  • Fast and accurate typing abilities
  • Available high-speed internet connection
  • Pass Scribie’s transcription test

Scribie also recommends that transcribers have previous transcription experience, use a foot pedal, and have knowledge of foreign accents. You must be able to transcribe both general dictation audio and more technical content if required.

What is the Scribie Pay Rate for Transcribers?

Scribie uses a pay per audio minute (PAM) model to compensate transcribers. The per-minute rate depends on:

  • Account status: As you complete more orders, you progress from Entry to General to Pro status, unlocking higher pay rates.
  • Turnaround time: Rush orders pay $1.00 extra PAM.
  • Media type: Video pays a $0.50 boost per audio minute.
  • Transcription options: Clean verbatim pays $0.50 more PAM versus verbatim.

Overall pay rates range from $0.30 PAM for new Entry transcribers on regular audio orders up to $1.80 PAM for Pro transcribers completing rush video orders with clean verbatim transcription.

Scribie pays weekly via PayPal, Payoneer, direct deposit, Wire Transfer and crypto payment. There are no minimum billing requirements to get paid.

Is Scribie Legitimate?

Yes, Scribie is 100% legitimate. Founded in 2014 in San Francisco, Scribie is a registered limited liability corporation compliant with all business regulations.

Here are some of the facts that support Scribie as a legitimate transcription service:

  • Scribie is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
  • They achieved B Corp certification in 2017, meaning that meet rigorous ethical standards.
  • Scribie uses 256-bit SSL encryption and other security measures to protect data.
  • Over 50,000 businesses and individuals have used the platform since launch.
  • Scribie maintains 4.7 out of 5 star reviews on popular review sites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber.
  • They offer one of the most robust accuracy guarantees in the industry.

Scribie also cultivates transparency by offering information on its transcribers, security, and operations right on its website.

Can You Make Good Money Transcribing for Scribie?

While Scribie isn’t a way to get rich quick, dedicated transcribers can earn respectable income. Full-time Scribie transcribers report average monthly earnings of around $1,000. Top performers make up to $2,500 per month.

However, it does take consistent effort and practice to reach higher income levels on Scribie. Transcription generally pays $10 to $25 per hour of audio transcribed. Scribie sets audio proficiency targets that you must meet to unlock higher pay rates. You build speed through experience.

Scribie is best suited to those seeking supplemental or part-time income from home. But with enough drive and transcription skill, it can become a viable full-time job for some.

Is Scribie the Right Transcription Option for You?

Scribie is a great option for both transcribers and those needing transcripts created. But make sure to weigh it against your specific needs.

For transcribers

Before applying to work with Scribie, think about:

  • Your transcription skills – do you meet accuracy and speed requirements?
  • Income goals – does the pay align with what you want to earn? Can you put in the time to increase your rates?
  • Work style – are you self-motivated enough to work independently and meet deadlines?

For transcript buyers

If you need transcripts created, consider:

  • Turnaround needs – does Scribie offer fast enough delivery times?
  • Accuracy required – is Scribie’s high but not perfect accuracy suitable?
  • Content – is your content technical or does it require special expertise?
  • Budget – does Scribie offer the right balance of affordability and quality?

By reflecting on considerations like these, you can decide if Scribie is the right fit or if a different transcription service better meets your needs.

Most Questions People Ask About Scribie

How long does it take to get paid by Scribie?

Scribie pays transcribers each Tuesday for the previous week’s approved work. You must earn at least $1.00 to be paid each week, but otherwise there is no minimum threshold. Payments are processed via PayPal, Payoneer, direct deposit, Wire Transfer and crypto payment.

What are common transcription errors to avoid?

The most common errors made by new transcribers are:

  • Typos
  • Grammar mistakes
  • Punctuation errors
  • Inaccurate speaker identification
  • Omitted words or phrases
  • Adding words not said
  • Timestamping errors

Quality control is essential. Avoid these mistakes through careful review of your work. Use editing tools likeGrammarly as an extra accuracy check before submitting.

How can I improve my skills as a transcriber?

Some tips for sharpening transcription skills include:

  • Practice daily with audio files in different accents/sound quality
  • Take an online transcription training course
  • Upgrade your equipment like using a foot pedal
  • Read style guides and join professional associations
  • Study examples of proper formatting and style
  • Ask other experienced transcribers for advice

Like any skill, transcription improves the more you practice proper techniques.

What are Scribie’s support options if I have an issue?

Scribie provides customer support via email and online ticketing. As a transcriber, you can contact su*****@sc*****.com for help. Customers should submit support tickets on the site. Scribie aims for 24-48 hour response times during business hours. Phone support is not available.

Can I delete my Scribie account if I want to stop using it?

Yes, you can delete your Scribie account by sending a request to su*****@sc*****.com. For privacy reasons, only the account owner can request account deletion. Scribie will then delete all personal data but may retain transcripts connected to the account per their privacy policy.

Is Scribie compliant with accessibility regulations?

As an automated transcription service, Scribie produces transcripts to improve media accessibility for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. However, businesses and entities with legal accessibility requirements should consult directly with Scribie to ensure compliance.


Get Started with Scribie for Your Transcription Needs

We hope this guide has helped explain Scribie’s transcription service, the opportunities for transcribers, and how to decide if it’s the right fit your needs. With its rare mix of high accuracy, fast turnaround, and affordable pricing, Scribie makes automated transcription accessible to everyone.

Ready to try Scribie as a buyer or seller of transcription services? Visit the Scribie website to sign up for an account and learn more about getting started. Their easy order and application process lets you begin using Scribie transcription in no time.

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