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Best Offers for a New Pixel 8, Bose’s Latest QuietComfort Earbuds, or a Refurbished iPhone

As both a bargain hunter and tech enthusiast, few things excite me more than a good deal on the latest and greatest gadgets. With Black Friday sales now winding down after the rush, savvy shoppers can still save big on sought-after devices like Google’s Pixel 8 flagship phone, Bose’s impressive new QuietComfort Earbuds II, and even discounted refurbished iPhone options ideal for holiday gift-giving on a budget.

I have painstakingly scoured the internet for all the top deals across multiple trustworthy retailers on these in-demand products. Read on for where to find the Pixel 8 at its lowest-ever pricing following launch, how to grab Bose’s premium ANC earbuds for under $250, and which refurbished iPhone deals stand out as most affordable in 2022 and 2023.

Snag the Pixel 8 at a New All-Time Low Price

Pixel 8 - Score Big Savings on the Pixel 8, Bose Earbuds, and More

Google’s Pixel smartphone series has rightfully earned critical acclaim year after year for exceptional camera performance, fast software updates, and AI-enhanced features. The latest Pixel 8 looks to uphold that tradition with an updated design, improved low-light photography, better battery efficiency, face unlock biometrics, enhanced display brightness, and much more.

Normally $599 unlocked direct from Google or other popular retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, holiday sales have now dropped the 128GB Pixel 8 model as low as $519 in limited instances. Costco members can clip an additional $50 voucher on top for an unbeatable grand total of $469 – nearly 25% off original MSRP!

The sole caveat is that Costco deal requires an active Costco membership and choosing activation with a supported carrier during checkout. However, you can immediately request an unlock afterwards with no penalty or fees. For everyone else without a Costco membership seeking a Pixel 8, B&H Photo has solid $100 off promos running currently to bring your total to $499.

No matter if choosing Amazon, Best Buy, or B&H Photo, all Pixel 8 models qualify for free shipping with no tax outside NY and NJ. From my experience owning Google phones previously, buying directly from their store also includes perks like extended warranty periods plus additional Google One cloud storage and Play Store credits.

Obviously snag the best Pixel 8 deal you can, but rest assured any retailer will furnish fast shipping and a brand new full warranty given these are officially unlocked phones. Just double check terms for return windows and whether activation is required upfront or not based on your chosen seller before purchase.

If seeking maximum long-term phone savings though, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile all currently offer up to $700 extra off the Pixel 8 with select trade-ins and new unlimited line registrations. That actually scores you Google’s latest phone for nearly free or a few bucks per month on installment plans. You just commit to sticking on their network for 12-36 months in exchange depending on promotion specifics.

No other new Android phone can compete with the well-rounded Pixel 8 at just $469-$499 outright in my opinion. You net the cleanest possible software experience with guaranteed OS updates for 5 years down the line. The upgraded Tensor G2 processor ensures fluid responsiveness now and into the future too.

And even iPhone 14 models priced at $200 more lack niceties like the Pixel 8’s under display fingerprint reader, face unlock, wireless charging, and extreme battery optimizations. Unless you need absolute cutting edge power above all else, this Pixel is the Android flagship to grab before 2023 arrives.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Fall to Lowest Price Ever

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II - Score Big Savings on the Pixel 8, Bose Earbuds, and More

Seeking something a bit more portable for private listening? Bose has established themselves as the premium audio brand to beat over 50+ years, with their QuietComfort lineup highlighting pinnacle noise cancellation and sound quality achievements along the way.

The QuietComfort Earbuds II represent Bose’s latest true wireless entry, succeeding their original QC earbuds with enhanced ANC, richer sound, longer runtime, smaller size, sweat resistance, transparency mode, and support for higher resolution streaming codecs.

Usually $299 direct from Bose given the sheer engineering prowess packed inside, holiday sales have now dropped the QuietComfort Earbuds II to $249 for a solid $50 in savings. Both Amazon and Best Buy are matching that reduced price currently with free shipping and no tax outside select states.

But the very best bargain available nets a still lower $229 sticker price if opting for manufacturer refurbished units directly from Bose. These are insured with the same 1-year warranty as brand new models and undergo rigorous reconditioning you can feel confident about.

I am extremely particular when it comes to earbuds achieving proper in-ear seal and steady comfort over hours of wear. Even as someone who struggles with many true wireless designs staying put, Bose tackled common complaints head-on with their unique “Customizable Fit” system.

You choose between three distinct sleeve sizes and nozzle angles during an ear tip calibration process. Combined with soft oval buds that twist into place comfortably, I achieved flawless noise isolation and strong ANC performance without constant readjustments.

Sonically, the QC Earbuds II stand toe-to-toe with Sony’s lauded WF-1000XM4 as the best sounding TWS earbuds money can buy. Deep punchy bass pairs beautifully with crisp detailed treble and spectacular midrange clarity even via AAC/SBC versus LDAC hi-res codecs the Sonys boast.

And with 6 hours of playback from the buds themselves or 24 hours total with the USB-C charging case, you need not worry about battery life as much either on long trips. Fast charging support nets 2 hours of use from a quick 15 minutes plugged in too. Add dust and water resistance for sporty types and upgraded dual mics for voice calls, and the feature set impresses as much as audio fidelity.

Seeking premium noise cancellation and sensational sound quality without dropping $300, Bose’s latest QuietComfort Earbuds II stand unmatched while discounted to just $229 refurbished direct from their store. But deals at Amazon and Best Buy work too if wanting brand new condition with normal 1 year warranty at $249 instead.

Refurbished iPhone Deals Offer Big Savings on Late Model iPhones

Score Big Savings on the Pixel 8, Bose Earbuds, and More

Perhaps instead you have someone special in mind this holiday season who would appreciate an iOS phone upgrade? Or maybe you personally hope to ditch that aging iPhone and snag something more modern without breaking the bank?

Apple’s latest iPhone 14 lineup revised pricing in strange ways, dropping the mini variant but actually increasing Pro series costs further. That leaves last year’s excellent iPhone 13 family in an interesting spot value-wise. While no longer the fanciest new kids on the block, iPhone 13 specifications still outclass many phones for hundreds more.

My recommendation for balancing legitimate flagship performance in key areas buyers care about (screens, cameras, speed) without overspending is actually opting for refurbished last-gen iPhones instead. Assuming you can live without always owning the shiniest new iPhone annually, there are massive discounts achievable grabbing a professionally restored iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 device instead.

Spend just 5-10 minutes researching Business Insider, Wired, Consumer Reports, and other reputable review sites and you will find certified Apple refurbishment process praised extensively. Rigorous inspection, genuine Apple replacement parts for any worn components, fresh batteries, shiny new outer casing, and more. The only thing missing is fancy original packaging – these ship in simple white boxes with basic accessories.

Otherwise refurbished iPhones are literally good as new while costing significantly less! And best of all, they still qualify for Apple’s standard 1 year manufacturing warranty too just like firsthand iPhone purchases. Between great condition and warranty coverage, you can shop worry-free.

Currently the best iPhone deals span iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 families, which I have summarized below ordered from cheapest to priciest. Do note exact pricing fluctuates periodically based on inventory and seasonal demands:

Refurbished iPhone 12 Mini: $429 (Amazon Renewed)
Refurbished iPhone 12: $479 (Amazon Renewed) Refurbished iPhone 13 Mini: $569 (Amazon Renewed) Refurbished iPhone 13: $599 (Amazon Renewed)

Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro: $619 (Amazon Renewed) Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro: $749 (Apple Refurbished) Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max: $679 (Amazon Renewed)
Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max: $849 (Apple Refurbished)

No matter which specific iPhone model catches your eye as most appealing through this breakdown, I strongly advise buying refurbished over trying your luck with random used/auction listings on eBay or Craigslist. Beyond reputable sources like Apple themselves selling refurb gear, Amazon Renewed listings also offer trustworthy quality grades and warranty coverage to rely on.

Absolutely feel free to compare prices across other outlets like Walmart, Best Buy, etc as well when hunting for your dream iPhone deal. Just be extra careful assessing warranty terms, return policies, seller feedback ratings, and cosmetic condition descriptors if opting for non-Amazon/Apple sources. Not each third-party iPhone reseller upholds the same standards, but properly vetted devices still represent huge savings waiting to be had!

And for goodness sake – stay far away from untrustworthy direct eBay bids or local Craigslist listings where phones commonly wind up stolen, still financed/locked, or irreparably damaged. Pay a couple hundred extra via reputable renewed channels for long-term assurance instead!

What Refurbished iPhone Variant is Best For You?

Determining the ideal refurbished iPhone match depends greatly upon your personal preferences, budget, carrier circumstances, and what phone features matter most in daily use. Here is a quick breakdown of standout qualities per iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 family model to simplify decision making:

iPhone 12 Mini – Absolute most compact recent iPhone if you dislike big bulky phones. Still sports flagship Apple A14 Bionic speed, OLED screen, very good cameras. Just be aware of weaker battery life given smaller size. Fantastic value buy!

iPhone 12 – Base iPhone 12 strikes a sweet spot with ample 6.1” screen real estate, durable build, strong cameras, wireless charging & 5G. More future proof than the Mini without getting overly expensive either.

iPhone 12 Pro Max – Big phone lovers who demand max battery life, best camera zoom, and brightest display will adore this model. Overkill for casual users but amazing for photographers & videographers.

iPhone 13 Mini – Very minor update over iPhone 12 Mini aside from improved battery life. Still a flagship powerhouse but sized ultra-compact. If small phones are a must, this brings better endurance.

iPhone 13 – Subtle camera, speed, and battery improvements over iPhone 12 for modest price premium. Expect a snappier feel and about 1-2 extra hour runtime per charge. Nice mid-size solution balancing performance and cost.

iPhone 13 Pro Max – Currently the ultimate iPhone money can buy refurbished with unrivaled low light photography, cinematic video capture, ProMotion 120hz smoothness and bright 1000+ nit display.

Ideally the preceding iPhone performance breakdown assists making selection between the discounted iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 13 model generations easier. Refurbished or not, definitely analyze your unique needs first before just automatically assuming “newest is best” or cheapest equals greatest value overall.

In my experience, that crucial extra window shopping effort gets you the optimal blend of Apple flagship excellence for your money and intended iOS device usage. Don’t overspend just to flaunt the latest release or cripple experience chasing rock bottom pricing either.

No matter if the Pixel 8, Bose’s amazing new ANC earbuds, or a deeply discounted iPhone suits your needs among these highlighted holiday tech deals – savvy shoppers still have chance to save big before 2023 gets underway! Just act fast on the offers highlighted in this breakdown while supplies last and sale pricing holds over at various retailers.

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