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Pool Signals Down? Erasing Your 8 Ball Pool Account

Pool Signals Down? Erasing Your 8 Ball Pool Account
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Ruled the virtual pool corridors of 8 Ball Pool, but prepared to move on? Maybe you’ve prevailed the leaderboards or basically favor a break from the advanced felt. Whatever your reason, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the information to erase your 8 Ball Pool account. We’ll investigate the strategies accessible, guiding you through the method of bidding goodbye to your 8 Ball Pool journey.

Can You Indeed Erase Your 8-Ball Pool Account?

Absolutely! While 8 Ball Pool doesn’t offer an in-game “erase account” button, there are strategies to effectively remove your account from the game. The approach depends on how you initially connected your account.

  • Miniclip ID: If you created your account employing a Miniclip ID, you’ll need to contact Miniclip bolster for account cancellation.
  • Social Media Login (Facebook or Google): In case you connected your account utilizing Facebook or Google login, the erasure can be dealt with through your particular social media stage settings.

Deleting Your 8 Ball Pool Account with Miniclip ID

If you signed up with a Miniclip ID, here’s how to start account erasure:

  1. Explore to Miniclip Support: Open your web browser and visit the Miniclip Support site.
  2. Select “8 Ball Pool”: On the Miniclip Support homepage, find the “Select Game” dropdown menu and select “8 Ball Pool” from the available options.
  3. Describe Your Request: Inside the “Type of Request” section, select “Erase my account and eradicate my data.”
  4. Account Information: Fill out the desired form sections, including your account nickname, email address associated with the account (if applicable), and the approximate date of account creation.
  5. Reason for Cancellation (Optional): Optionally provide a reason for erasing your account in the “Reason for Your Request” section. This feedback can help Miniclip improve its services.
  6. Screenshot (optional): For verification purposes, Miniclip might ask for a screenshot of your in-game profile. Follow the provided instructions for capturing and uploading a screenshot.
  7. Review and Submit: Double-check the information you’ve provided. Once satisfied, press the “Submit” button to send your account cancellation request to Miniclip support.
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Important Note: Miniclip typically processes account cancellation requests within a few business days. You’ll receive a notification via email once the deletion process is complete.

Pool Signals Down? Erasing Your 8 Ball Pool Account
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Deleting Your 8 Ball Pool Account Connected with Social Media

If you connected your account with Facebook or Google login, here’s how to remove access through your social media settings:


  1. Access Facebook Settings: Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to “Settings.” You can usually access this by clicking the downward arrow in the top right corner of your Facebook homepage and selecting “Settings & Privacy,” followed by “Settings.
  2. Apps and Websites: Inside the Settings menu, find the “Apps and Websites” section. This section manages all applications and websites that have access to your Facebook account data.
  3. Find 8 Ball Pool: Search for “8 Ball Pool” in the list of authorized apps and websites.
  4. Remove Access: Click on “8 Ball Pool” and then select the “Remove” button to revoke access for the 8 Ball Pool application. This effectively detaches your Facebook account from 8 Ball Pool.


  1. Access Google Account Settings: Navigate to your Google Account settings page (Google Account). You can usually access this by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner of any Google service (e.g., Gmail, YouTube) and selecting “Manage your Google Account.”
  2. Security Section: Inside your Google Account settings, find the “Security” section.
  3. Third-party apps with account access: Find the subsection titled “Third-party apps with account access” or similar wording. This section manages applications granted access to your Google account data.
  4. Find 8 Ball Pool: Search for “8 Ball Pool” in the list of authorized apps.
  5. Revoke Access: Click on “8 Ball Pool” and then select the “Deny access” button to disengage your Google account from 8 Ball Pool.
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Information Maintenance:

While account cancellation removes your profile and related data from active gameplay, Miniclip might hold anonymized information for analytics and improvement purposes. Refer to Miniclip’s privacy policy for details on data retention practices.

Unlinking vs. Deleting:

Unlinking your social media account from 8 Ball Pool severs the connection but doesn’t necessarily erase your 8 Ball Pool account itself. If you created your account with a Miniclip ID, you’ll need to follow the Miniclip deletion process outlined earlier.

Recovery After Deletion:

Account cancellation through Miniclip is typically a permanent process. Once your account is deleted, recovering it may not be possible. Consider this before initiating the deletion request.

Alternative Solutions:

If complete cancellation isn’t your goal, consider alternative solutions:

  • Taking a Break: Perhaps you simply need a break from the game. You can choose not to log in for a while without resorting to cancellation.
  • Starting Fresh: If you desire a new start but still want to play 8 Ball Pool, you can create a new account with a different email address or social media login.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Erasing Your 8 Ball Pool Account

Q: What happens to my progress and in-game items if I delete my account?

A: Deleting your account removes all associated progress, coins, trophies, cues, and other in-game items. These are permanently lost after deletion.

Q: Can I delete my account through the 8 Ball Pool mobile app?

A: Unfortunately, there’s no built-in option to delete your account directly within the 8 Ball Pool mobile app. You’ll need to follow the methods outlined above, either contacting Miniclip support or managing your social media login permissions.

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Q: How long does it take to delete my account?

A: The processing time for account deletion requests can vary. If you submit a request through Miniclip support, it typically takes a few business days for them to process and complete the deletion.

Q: Is there a way to reset my account progress without deleting it completely?

A: No, there’s no in-game functionality to reset your account progress within 8 Ball Pool. The options available are account cancellation for a total restart or creating a new account from scratch.

Conclusion: Farewell, 8-Ball Pool!

By understanding the methods available and the considerations involved, you’ll be able to effectively delete your 8 Ball Pool account. Whether you’re looking for a clean break or simply exploring your options, this guide has equipped you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. Remember, deletion is a permanent action, so weigh all factors before bidding farewell to your virtual pool hall adventures. Who knows, you may return to dominate the felt tables once again in the future!

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