Review of the Pixel 8 Series

Pixel 8 series reviewed


Build Quality

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are both impressive devices in terms of build quality. The Pixel 8, being the cheaper option, has a comfortable feel in the hand and is designed for one-handed use. It has a reflective coating on the back and a flat display. The Pixel 8 Pro, on the other hand, comes in a porcelain color and has a non-reflective back coating. It also features a flat display, which some users may prefer over a curved display. Both devices feel premium and have a dense, weighty construction.

Camera and Features

The camera quality of the Pixel 8 series is top-tier and one of the best among smartphones. Google’s approach to photography focuses on capturing natural, realistic photos without excessive post-processing. The Pixel 8 Pro offers additional features and settings, such as Pro mode for more advanced photography. Google’s AI capabilities also enhance photo and video results, allowing for better portrait detection and enhancing the overall photo quality. The Pixel 8 series is a great choice for photography enthusiasts.

Cell Service

The cell service of the Pixel 8 series is on par with the Pixel 7 series. While it may not be as strong as the iPhone or Samsung series, it still provides reliable connectivity. Some users have experienced occasional dropped calls or issues with switching between LTE and 5G. The call quality is generally clear, although some people may notice a slight difference compared to iPhones or Samsung devices. Overall, the cell service is satisfactory, but it may not be the best in terms of signal strength.


The display of the Pixel 8 series is impressive, especially when compared to other phones. The regular Pixel 8 has a display that feels more fluid and responsive, while the Pixel 8 Pro offers a brighter and higher-resolution display. The Pixel 8 Pro’s display may feel a bit flat and less glossy to some users. Both devices have loud speakers, with the Pixel 8 Pro having bigger speakers for an enhanced audio experience while watching content.

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The face unlock feature on the Pixel 8 series is a game-changer. While it may not be as secure as other devices with infrared (IR) reading, it provides a smooth unlocking experience and gives the phone an iPhone-like feel. The biometrics on the Pixel 8 series are reliable and convenient, making it easy to unlock the device and use it for various applications.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Pixel 8 series is satisfactory for average users. While the screen-on time may not be exceptional, the devices can last all day with regular use. It’s important to note that battery life can vary depending on individual usage patterns and cellular service. Some users have reported optimization issues, but overall, the battery life of the Pixel 8 series is reliable.


The performance of the Pixel 8 series is generally excellent for everyday use. While not specifically designed for gaming, the devices perform well in general tasks and applications. It’s worth mentioning that newly released devices often require some time for software updates and bug fixes. It’s recommended to give the device some time to settle and for any initial issues to be resolved.

Final Thoughts

The Pixel 8 series offers an impressive user experience with its powerful camera, solid build quality, and convenient features. Google’s dedication to its own chips and continued software support for several years is commendable. While the Pixel 7 series may have had some shortcomings, the Pixel 8 series shows that Google is evolving and improving its devices. It is a strong contender in the Android device market, especially considering its price point. Overall, the Pixel 8 series is a great choice for users who prioritize photography and want a reliable, well-built smartphone.

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