Apple Ditches Traditional Event, Announces New iPads and Macs Through Website and Online Videos

Apple Ditches Traditional Event, Announces New iPads and Macs Through Website and Online Videos
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For the first time in years, Apple has decided not to hold its iconic fall event to unveil its latest devices. Instead, the tech giant announced its new lineup of iPads and Macs directly through its website and online videos.

This departure from Apple’s usual splashy in-person events marks a major shift in how the company chooses to market its new products. While COVID precautions may have played some role, the decision likely also stems from a desire to cut costs and exert more control over product messaging.

In this post, we’ll analyze Apple’s decision, discuss details around the newly announced devices based on leaks and rumors, and explore what it all means for consumers.

Behind Apple’s Decision to Break Tradition

Apple’s legendary product announcement events have long generated great fanfare and media attention. So why did Apple decide to forgo its traditional event this time?

There are a few likely factors at play:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has made hosting large in-person gatherings more difficult logistically.
  • Skipping a traditional event saves Apple money by avoiding the high costs of renting an event space, production, hospitality, etc.
  • Releasing information online gives Apple more control over product messaging without having to answer questions from the media.

While the approach may dampen some of the excitement and buzz around the new products, it also comes with advantages. Reaching consumers directly allows Apple to convey details in a more controlled, targeted way. Additionally, forgoing a traditional event means products can get to market faster.

Apple Ditches Traditional Event, Announces New iPads and Macs Through Website and Online Videos
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What We Know About the New iPads and Macs

While Apple has yet to make an official announcement, leaks and rumors give us clues about what upgrades we can expect in the new iPads and Macs:

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New iPads

  • M3 chip for faster performance
  • OLED displays with better contrast, black levels, and viewing angles

New Macs

  • Updated Magic Keyboard with backlit keys
  • Redesigned MacBook Airs with faster chips, improved screens, etc.

The M3 chip expected in the new iPads will likely build on the performance gains delivered by the previous M2, while the OLED panels should make a big difference for display quality. On the Mac side, the Magic Keyboard is one of Apple’s most popular iPad accessories, so an updated version with backlighting will be welcomed by many.

How This Impacts Consumers

While ditching the traditional fall event may feel unusual for Apple fans, the decision also has notable implications for customers:

  • Puts more onus on consumers to actively check Apple’s website for product updates rather than relying on news from a dedicated event.
  • Could mean less time for hands-on interaction and questions about new devices before having to buy.
  • Potential for faster product releases without having to wait for a media event.
  • Possible cost savings passed down to consumers if Apple spends less on announcements.

On the whole, Apple’s decision marks a major departure from the norm. While the company will likely face changes to the way it builds product buzz, there is also an opportunity here to rethink its playbook and more directly serve customers.

As with any Apple release, tech enthusiasts await more concrete details around pricing, specs, and availability timelines for the latest iPads and Macs. But in the meantime, the company’s willingness to break tradition signals some meaningful shifts on the horizon.

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Stay tuned for more coverage as full announcements around the new devices continue to roll out.

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