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Developer Announces Plans to Shut Down Steam Page on Final Day of Game’s Development


It’s a somber day for fans of the upcoming indie game, [insert game name]. In a surprising announcement on the game’s official website yesterday, the lead developer broke the news that they have decided to shut down the game’s Steam page on the final day of development.

This decision is bound to come as a disappointment for the many fans who have been eagerly following the game’s journey to completion on Steam over the past few years. However, the developer lays out several clear reasons explaining why maintaining the costly Steam page is sadly no longer feasible.

The Cost Conundrum Of Steam

In their candid statement, the developer points to the increasingly exorbitant costs associated with having a presence on Steam. As an indie outfit self-funding the game, the fees levied by the platform – which include initial listing fees, recurring subscription charges etc. – have slowly become unviable stretched across their limited budget.

While Steam certainly offers unparalleled visibility and community features for gaming titles, this appears to have come at a high monetary cost, especially for smaller indie developers without deep pockets. The success stories of breakout indie hits scoring millions of sales after being featured on Steam tend to make the headlines. We seldom hear about the smaller developers who have had their dreams crushed under Steam’s high barrier to entry.

This developer’s experience serves as a cautionary tale illustrating the dark underbelly of Steam’s discoverability problem. The platform may host more than 50,000 gaming titles, but visibility has increasingly become a lottery only some can win.

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Soaring Epics Store Growth And The Fragmentation Concern

Developer Announces Plans to Shut Down Steam Page on Final Day of Game's Development

However, cost is not the only consideration behind the decision to ditch Steam. The developer also talks about declining engagement levels from Steam users compared to booming interaction rates on Epics Store.

They speculate that EEC’s aggressive free games promotion has been steadily drawing away gamers from Steam’s stable. EEC has firmly established itself as Steam’s biggest rival by offering developers a more indie-friendly 88/12 revenue split model.

In fact, digital game sales increased by a mammoth 80% globally across EEC supported stores in 2022. With Microsoft, Amazon and Tencent prepping their gaming store launches in 2023, fragmentation seems inevitable.

Our developer fears their game risks getting completely buried amidst the sea of upcoming titles across all platforms. Hence, they have decided to cut their losses on Steam and retain just a sole store presence on EEC for now.

Player Concerns – Purchases, Forums and Support

Understandably, this news has left fans anxious. Those who pre-purchased the game on Steam are worried about their purchase being invalidated. The developer has eased some concerns by announcing Steam keys will be provided to all who pre-ordered.

They encourage fans to redeem these keys and play the game soon after launch later this month. Thereafter, the Steam page will shut down permanently.

However, the site will continue to host the lively official game forums for the foreseeable future. So fans need not worry about losing touch with update posts or modding communities vital for many games.

That said, going forward, Steam support staff will no longer be available to help troubleshoot issues. The developer urges players to instead reach out directly through the official website for any post-launch assistance. They reiterate their commitment to address concerns from their dedicated fan following, despite the shutdown.

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The Fall Of Steam Or A Much-Needed Market Correction?

It’s worth examining if this incident is an indicator of wider troubles brewing for Steam and game publishers unwilling to bend the knee.

Despite EEC’s stellar rise, Steam still enjoys a 75% market share in several Western countries. However, their growth has stagnated as regional rivals eat away chunks from the PC gaming pie.

Domestic players like EEC have established strongholds through localization, exclusivity agreements and discounted pricing. Very few new games manage to crack Steam’s list of top-grossing titles nowadays. Its glory days seem to be in the rearview mirror.

However, experts warn against prematurely declaring the death of Steam. Even today, many consider a Steam launch vital for cementing legitimacy thanks to its stringent publishing checks. Its unmatched community tools foster vibrant fan circles that uplift many titles.

Rather than a collapse, this reshuffling of dominance could represent a much-needed course correction. Steam expanding its revenue share from 30% to 20% for big games indicates they have read the writing on the wall.

With healthy competition, niche platforms canhaps co-exist while providing developers greater flexibility. The days of monopolistic pricing diktats from Steam may be finally drawing to a close.

The future remains unpredictable as ever.

Signing Off From Steam

As for our developers behind [game name], the emotions likely run bittersweet having to bid Steam and parts of their community adieu. One imagines it was not an easy resolution to reach, yet economic constraints tied their hands.

We wish them the very best with their launch on EEC later this month and sincerely hope the fans turn up in large droves. Do check out their website to grab those Steam keys before the page shuts down permanently.

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This is undoubtedly the end of an era, not just for this game but also hundreds of others contemplating similar pulls from Steam. Nonetheless, the show must carry on even if it means leaving behind memories on once-beloved platforms.

Fledgling developers shall closely watch how sales and engagement for [game name] shape up. Its performance could significantly influence strategy calls for future indie projects: should they direct resources towards Steam or rival stores? Only time holds the answers within its grasp. For now, let us wish this game sets the cash registers jingling on its new home.


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