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How to Erase Your Player Profile in 7 Days to Die

How to Erase Your Player Profile in 7 Days to Die
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Feeling the urge to shed your 7 Days to Die persona and forge a new path in the wasteland? Whether your skill tree ventured down a less traveled path or you simply craved a fresh start for a more optimized playthrough, this guide will explain the process of deleting your player profile in 7 Days to Die.

Before You Hit Delete: Consider the Alternatives

While starting anew can be invigorating, here are some alternatives to consider before erasing your player profile:

  • Multiple Profiles: The game allows for creating multiple player profiles. This option lets you experiment with different builds and strategies without losing your existing progress.
  • Skill Respec (Alpha 20 and Above): For those playing on Alpha 20 or later versions, the game offers a skill respec option. This feature allows you to redistribute your skill points, offering a chance to correct any perceived missteps in your character development.
  • World Difficulty Adjustments: If the current world difficulty is too high for your current skill set, don’t hesitate to adjust the world settings to a more manageable level. Remember, the enjoyment of 7 Days to Die lies in the challenge, but not overwhelming frustration.
How to Erase Your Player Profile in 7 Days to Die
Image Source: 7 Days to Die

Ready to Erase Your Digital Persona? Here’s How (All Platforms):

Unfortunately, there is no in-game option to directly delete your player profile in 7 Days to Die. However, both PC and console players can accomplish this through manual file deletion. Here’s how:

For PC Players

  1. Exit the Game Completely: Ensure 7 Days to Die is fully closed before proceeding.
  2. Navigate to Save Files: Go to your 7 Days to Die save files, typically located in your user directory under Documents\7 Days To Die\Saves\Players. Replace <WorldName> with the actual name of the world you were last playing in.
  3. Identify Your Profile: In the “Players” folder, you’ll find files with names like and xxxxxx.plr. These represent your player profiles.
  4. Caution is key. Deleting the wrong file can corrupt your saved data. Look for a file modification date that matches your most recent play session. This can help you identify the profile you wish to delete.
  5. Send it to the Recycle Bin: Once you’ve identified the correct files (global.dat and plr files with the matching timestamp), right-click on them and select “Delete,” or press the “Delete” key on your keyboard.
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For Console Players (PlayStation & Xbox),

  1. Boot Up Your Console: Turn on your PlayStation or Xbox.
  2. Access Storage Management: Navigate to your console’s storage management settings.
  3. Locate 7 Days to Die Save Data: Look for the saved game data for 7 Days to Die within the storage management options.
  4. Search for Player Data: Unlike PC, console saves do not have a dedicated “Players” folder. You will need to look for files containing terms like “player” or “profile” within the 7 Days to Die save data.
  5. Proceed with caution: As with PCs, deleting the wrong file can corrupt your saved data. Look for a file modification date that corresponds to your most recent play session.
  6. Delete with Confirmation: Highlight the suspected player data file and select the “Delete” option. Your console will ask for confirmation before permanently removing the data.

Important Considerations

  • Double-Check Before Deleting: Since there is no in-game recovery option, exercise extreme caution when identifying files to delete.
  • Consider Backups (PC Only): PC players should consider backing up their entire save folder before deleting profiles, allowing for restoration if necessary.
How to Erase Your Player Profile in 7 Days to Die
Image Source: 7 Days to Die

Beyond the Basics: Frequently Asked Questions About Deleting Player Profiles

Q: Will deleting my player profile affect my worlds?

A: No, deleting your player profile only removes your character data (skills, inventory, etc.). Your existing worlds will remain intact. You can create a new profile to explore those worlds with a new character.

Q: Are there any alternative methods for deleting player profiles?

A: While the methods mentioned above are the recommended approaches, some online resources may suggest using in-game console commands (PC only) for profile deletion. However, manual file deletion remains the safest and most straightforward method to ensure complete removal without risking other game data.

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