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The Vizio Colossal 86-Inch 4K TV for Less Than $1,000

The Vizio Colossal 86-Inch 4K TV for Less Than $1,000
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Vizio, a brand synonymous with delivering large-screen TVs at competitive prices, is set to redefine the market with its latest offering. The 2024 lineup will see the introduction of an unprecedented 86-inch 4K TV, bringing the grandeur of a home theater experience within reach of a broader audience.

Shattering Price Barriers: A Gargantuan TV with a Modest Price Tag

The most remarkable aspect of this announcement is undoubtedly the price. This colossal 86-inch TV is priced under $1,000, as per Vizio’s press release. This price point significantly undercuts the market, where most 86-inch TVs can cost upwards of $2,000 or more. Vizio’s aggressive pricing strategy makes the dream of owning a cinematic display a realistic prospect for budget-conscious consumers.

Prioritizing Value over Cutting-Edge Tech

To achieve this price point, it’s crucial to understand where Vizio might have made trade-offs. While the TV boasts a massive 4K display, it may not feature the most advanced technologies found in high-end models. Here are some areas where cost-saving measures might be implemented:

Backlight Technology: A Compromise on Picture Quality?

High-end TVs often utilize OLED panels for superior picture quality. Vizio’s offering will likely use a more traditional LED backlight, which might result in less vibrant colors and deeper blacks compared to OLED.

Processing Power: A Potential Impact on Picture Clarity?

The processor responsible for upscaling and motion processing might be less powerful compared to top-tier models. This could potentially affect picture clarity and smoothness, particularly in fast-paced content.

The Verdict: A Value Proposition for Big-Screen Enthusiasts

Vizio’s 86-inch 4K TV presents a compelling option for budget-minded consumers seeking a massive home theater experience. While it might not offer all the bells and whistles of high-end models, the sheer size and incredible price point make it a very attractive proposition.

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Here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons to help you decide:


  • Massive 86-inch screen for an immersive viewing experience
  • Under $1,000 price tag makes it an exceptional value
  • 4K resolution for sharp and detailed picture quality


  • Likely uses LED backlight technology, potentially sacrificing picture quality compared to OLED
  • Processing power might be less powerful, impacting image clarity in fast-paced content

Making an Informed Decision

If you prioritize a massive screen size and affordability above all else, the Vizio 86-inch 4K TV is a strong contender. However, if you’re a discerning videophile who craves the absolute best picture quality and cutting-edge features, you might want to consider exploring other options, even if they come at a higher price point.

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