Epic Games Store’s Weekly Freebies: A Treasure Trove of Gaming Goodness

Epic Games Store's Weekly Freebies: A Treasure Trove of Gaming Goodness

Raise your hand if you love free stuff. Yeah, I thought so. In the expensive world we live in, who doesn’t appreciate a good freebie now and then? Well, for gamers, the Epic Games Store has become an absolute treasure trove of free gaming goodness. Week after week, they’re hooking players up with awesome free games that would normally carry a hefty price tag. I don’t know about you, but I love not having to shell out $60 for a game if I don’t have to!

In 2023, Epic has been blessing gamers with an epic lineup of weekly freebies across a diverse spread of genres. From critically acclaimed RPGs to frenetic co-op heist shooters, indie oddities to free-to-play MOBAs, there’s a little something for every taste. Get this: some of these games offer over 100+ hours of exciting gameplay completely free of charge! Now that’s what I call gaming value.

Let’s highlight some of the most epic weekly freebies the Epic Games Store has granted gamers so far in 2023, shall we?

A Wild Wasteland Roams Free – Fallout: New Vegas Obsidian Entertainment’s Fallout: New Vegas moseyed its way into the Epic Games Store corral back in May 2023. This wasn’t just the base game either. We’re talking the fully loaded Ultimate Edition here which included ALL DLC expansions and add-on content. This gave players the complete tour of the New Vegas wasteland all without spending a single bottle cap.

For the uninitiated, Fallout: New Vegas throws you right into the heat of a ruthless power struggle in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. It’s up to you to explore this expansive open world, ally with warring factions, embark on quests, and ultimately decide the fate of New Vegas itself. With sharp writing, player choice driving compelling narratives, and those signature Fallout bizarre vibes, New Vegas is considered one of the best RPGs ever made.

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Epic let players saddle up and ride off into its glorious apocalyptic sunset completely free of charge.

Epic Games Store's Weekly Freebies: A Treasure Trove of Gaming Goodness

An offer many couldn’t refuse.

Chaotic Co-Op Heists Galore – Payday 2 June 2023 brought cooperative chaos in the form of Payday 2. Teams of four could orchestrate flashy heists (with a side of bullets and explosions, natch) without forking over a dime.

Payday 2 nails that easy-to-learn, tough-to-master balance with satisfying co-op gameplay. Pulling off the perfect heist means using teamwork to case mission locales, utilize tools like drills and keycards stealthily or aggressively, take hostages, grab the loot, and make your exhilarating getaway.

With varied mission objectives, a staggering arsenal of weapons to unlock, and higher difficulties for the criminal masterminds among us – Payday 2 served up hours of heart-pounding heisting for free thanks to Epic. Cowabunga it is.

Odd Ones Out – Jitsu Squad and Mighty Fight Federation Epic decided to highlight two lesser-known indie games in November 2023: the quirky 2D brawler Jitsu Squad and anthropomorphic boxing oddity Mighty Fight Federation.

Jitsu Squad teleports players back to 90’s arcades with its retro beat ‘em up vibe. Select one of several fighters with distinctive movesets like zipline boots guy or deadly ballerina and clean up these mean streets…one punch, kick, and throw at a time. It’s simple, addictive fun.

Mighty Fight Federation on the other hand shares DNA with early Smash Bros. games. But instead of Nintendo icons, you brawl and bash as oddball characters like blaxploitation Pam Grier, Kermit the Frog’s nephew Robin, and even Internet meme Nyan Cat. Yup, it’s just as silly and bizarre as it sounds.

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It just goes to show Epic is happy to highlight smaller indie games getting by on imagination and quirkiness alone. And they gave players a chance to experience their weird and wonderful worlds gratis.

Clash of the Titans and a Legacy Reborn Early December 2023 gifted gamers not one but TWO solid freebie options: the kaiju wrestling madness of GigaBash and upcoming MOBA Predecessor looking to capture that classic hardcore League of Legends energy.

GigaBash is absolute childhood fantasy fulfillment as players select from various towering behemoths like a skyscraper-sized ape or rock golem and literally smash entire cities to rubble. Imagine giant monster movies come to life. It captures the wanton destruction and back-and-forth clashes perfectly in brief, pick up-and-play sessions.

Predecessor on the other hand aims to rekindle the complex, highly competitive spirit of classic MOBAs for dedicated players. Offering various maps and strategic game modes like 5v5 core destruction, players pick unique heroes and utilize abilities, gear, and skill combos to overwhelm opponents.

While still in development during its free release window, Predecessor showed tremendous potential to scratch that hardcore battle arena itch…100% free.

Free Games for Every Gamer Under the Sun As we look back at the stellar lineup of weekly freebies from the Epic Games Store so far in 2023, it’s clear they’re committed to delivering gaming goodness to satisfy players across the spectrum.

Looking for an epic single-player RPG adventure? Check. Want heart-pounding cooperative heist action? Double check. Into odd indie experiments or free-to-play core gaming? Quadrupal check.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m making a weekly reminder to check out the Epic Games Store now. And with upcoming seasonal sales around the corner, who knows what other gaming goodies they’ll unleash next.

Here’s hoping 2023 keeps the free gaming floodgates open wide. Game on and enjoy the savings, friends! What weekly Epic freebie are you most excited to dive into next?

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