Grand Theft Auto 6’s Lack of PC Release: A Disappointing Tradition That Needs to End

Grand Theft Auto 6's Lack of PC Release: A Disappointing Tradition That Needs to End

The buzz around Grand Theft Auto 6 has reached a fever pitch lately. Fans have been clamoring for details about the hotly-anticipated sequel to Rockstar Games’ blockbuster open-world series. Well gamers, we’ve got some news about GTA 6 – and it’s going leave many of you sorely disappointed.

In a recent trailer unveiled by Rockstar, we got confirmation that GTA 6 will launch exclusively on Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. No mention of a PC version. Sigh. As a long-time PC gamer myself, this stings. And I know I’m not alone.

Once again, it seems Rockstar is sticking to its tired tradition of delaying or even denying PC releases for its biggest game launches. Look, I get that consoles drive major sales. But leaving PC players out in the cold like this just isn’t right. We’re left feeling like second-class gamers – and more than a few of us might turn to piracy in frustration.

In this post, I’ll break down exactly why Rockstar’s decision is bad for gamers and bad for business. And I’ll make an impassioned plea for why we desperately need a same-day PC launch for GTA 6.

A Long History of shafting PC Gamers

To understand why PC gamers like myself are so upset about being left out of GTA 6’s initial launch, you have to understand Rockstar’s history with PC releases. And frankly, it isn’t pretty.

Let’s rewind to 2008 when Grand Theft Auto IV first launched on Xbox 360 and PS3. Excited PC gamers like myself eagerly awaited a port. And we waited…and waited…and waited. It took nearly a full YEAR after consoles got GTA IV before it finally arrived on PC.

Unacceptable? You bet. But also par for the course when it comes to Rockstar.

We saw the same frustrating story unfold with the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2. It debuted on PS4 and Xbox One in late 2018 to massive fanfare. Amazing graphics, an expansive open world, and Rockstar’s signature storytelling made it an instant classic.

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But PC gamers didn’t get to play RDR2 until November 2019. That’s over a YEAR after console gamers had enjoyed the full experience.

So you’ll have to forgive PC gamers like myself for rolling our eyes when Rockstar talks about “launching exclusively” on PS5 and Xbox for GTA 6. We’ve heard this tune before.

And we’re sick of playing second fiddle.

Why Delaying PC Releases is Bad for Gamers

Rockstar delaying PC releases like this is terrible for gamers for a few key reasons:

1. It breeds piracy

When eagerly awaiting fans feel shunned or disrespected like this, it directly leads to piracy. Rather than patiently wait for an official PC port, many aggrieved gamers simply download illegal copies just to join the fun.

I don’t condone piracy. But Rockstar leaving PC gamers out definitely motivates some to hoist the Jolly Roger.

2. It ruins the experience for modders

One of the things that sets PC gaming apart is mods. Talented creators craft amazing mods that let fans customize their experience, add cool content, and improve gameplay.

But by delaying the PC version, Rockstar undercuts what modders can accomplish. These master crafters need time to work their magic. Dropping a PC port a year after launchdeny them the chance to build a thriving mod ecosystem.

3. It causes resentment between platforms

When console gamers get access to huge exclusives – while PC gamers sit and wait – it understandably causes bad blood. Finger-pointing, gloating, anger – no one wins when gamers turn against fellow gamers.

We should ALL be able to enjoy these amazing games together at launch. Rockstar’s delays only drive wedge between Xbox/Playstation and the PC crowd.

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Why Simultaneous Launches Are Better for Business

Delaying (or denying) PC releases seems short-sighted for a business perspective too. Just look:

More sales

Logically, releasing your hot new title across MORE platforms equates to MORE sales. I want to throw money at Rockstar for GTA 6. But if there’s no PC version for me to buy, they lose my sale.

Millions of PC gamers are in the same boat. That’s easy revenue Rockstar is leaving on the table.

Reduces piracy

As mentioned earlier, jilting PC gamers motivates more to illegally download games rather than buying legit copies. Simultaneous worldwide releases across ALL platforms helps minimize piracy.

If Rockstar gave us PC players access on day one alongside Xbox and Playstation owners, way fewer would resort to shady torrent sites.

Goodwill with fans

When companies mistreat or ignore a segment of their customers, it understandably creates bad blood. But when they cater to ALL fans equally, it builds tremendous goodwill and brand loyalty.

By giving PC gamers same-day access to GTA 6, Rockstar would score major brownie points with gamers. We’d praise them for finally doing right by us. That goodwill is priceless.

What Rockstar Needs to Do With GTA 6’s PC Version

Grand Theft Auto 6's Lack of PC Release: A Disappointing Tradition That Needs to End

Look, all hope isn’t lost for PC gamers. Rockstar hasn’t officially said GTA 6 WILL NEVER come to PC. But based on their shoddy track record, we aren’t holding our breath for same-day release.

However, here’s what Rockstar needs to do to make this right:

1. Confirm GTA 6 for PC from day one

Don’t leave us hanging. If a PC version is coming, SAY SO. Confirm it outright. Let PC gamers breathe that sigh of relief knowing we won’t be left behind.

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2. Launch it simultaneously across all platforms

No more lame excuses about “wanting to focus on console optimization first.” Bring GTA 6 to EVERY platform on the same day. Period.

3. Make it a true PC experience

When GTA 6 does land on PC, deliver more than just a lame port. Give us an exceptional PC experience with slick optimizations, robust graphics options, mod support, and everything else PC gamers expect in a AAA release.

No corners cut. Make it shine on PC hardware too.

Gamers and industry journalists will rave if you stick that landing. And all will finally be forgiven 🙂

Time to Put Fans First

The ball is in your court now, Rockstar. With GTA 6 hype reaching an all-time high, all eyes are laser focused on every detail we can find.

PC gamers like myself eagerly wait to hear confirmation that you’ll treat us as equals this go around. We’re willing to shower you with praise and goodwill – not to mention millions in Day 1 sales – if you stick the PC landing properly.

But fail to make GTA 6 truly cross-platform, and you risk alienating PC gamers forever. Plus plenty of lost sales from aggrieved fans who feel shunned.

Do right by ALL your fans this time, Rockstar. Release GTA 6 for PC gamers on the very same day as Xbox and Playstation.

Personally I’m excited to see Los Santos with ray tracing lighting on my new RTX 4090! Now stop teasing us and confirm a PC version already 🙂 GTA fans across all platforms deserve to enjoy this special release. Don’t delay the party for some of us.


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